CPhI's 6th Annual Pharma Project Management 2018

Driving a product to the market safely, quickly and cheaply is the best way for a pharmaceutical (pharma) firm to be successful. Pharmaceutical companies encounter enormous challenges during the long product development process.

The identification of risks at the right stage and an effective mitigation plan are key factors for success, both financially and technically. The complex drug-development process from lab to launch includes management of several business processes such as technical development using quality by design, regulatory strategy, clinical studies and supply chain. The inherent uncertainties during the evolution of any of these processes require constant change in plans. If the risks associated with the uncertainties are not managed in a timely and effective manner, the complexity of the situation increases dramatically and it subsequently becomes cost prohibitive for the developing industries to move forward. Although project management has been known to drive industrial success through effective risk management in other industries, it has only been introduced to the pharma industry in the last decade and is continuously evolving.

The analysis of critical factors such as the roles of project managers and stakeholders, team communication and key business processes helps to identify strategies for addressing these challenges. An in-depth understanding of these factors can help put pharma companies on the road to success in launching a quality product that can improve quality of life.

In this limelight, CPhI Conferences is pleased to conduct the '6th annual Pharma Project Management Conference' on 22nd-23rd February 2018 at Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport. This practical case-study and highly interactive content-driven conference will help you upgrade your skills in project management.

Advisory Board Members and Speakers

Key Topics 2018

Overview of Pharma Project Management
The Pre-Mortem: A Simple Technique To Save Any Project From Failure
Project Management Methodology: Tools and Techniques
Project Manager: The Key Role Player in Project Management
Achieving operational excellence by effect project management Systems
Maximizing Returns Through Efficacious Resource and Financial Planning
Stakeholders In Project Management
'Bridging the Hive: That is Significant' - Nexus between Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management
CRO's: Customer Relationship
Cross Pollination

Who Should Attend?

  • Project:
    Global Project Managers, Vice President, Head - Product & Engineering, General Managers, Sr. Managers & Managers

  • Programme:
    Vice President, Heads, General Manager, Sr. Managers & Managers

  • Portfolio:
    Vice President, Head - Strategic Portfolio, General Managers, Sr. Managers & Managers

What's In It For You?

Here are quick reasons to attend this summit:
  • Comprehensive content - Strengthen your knowledge with better understanding of best practices, key challenges and current trends with respect to project management in pharma industry
  • Interact with the experts - This conference is a doorway to learn and resolve your queries with the industry experts
  • Congregate with service providers - Single platform to meet the top service providers in this segment
  • Provide you with an in - depth understanding of project management tools and techniques to use in the bio/pharma industry
  • Enable you to incorporate the project management processes into everyday working practices and in your current projects
  • Understand how to blend together both the technical aspects of project management and the essential interpersonal skills
  • Examine the competencies appropriate for an effective project manager
  • Share best practice project management approaches
  • Discuss how to get the best results in a project team environment

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